Who We Are

The world’s first & only Eco Certified, Organic Self-Tan Brand

We fight for healthy, nourished skin and a happy planet. We are both science and nature, every product we make is packed with love, passion and considered ingredients. We are passionate about being good to our planet, we will always be kind to it and make the most of its natural, enriched ingredients. We will never compromise on quality and our commitment to effective innovation and kindness to all TanKind is our business integrity. To us, people and the planet come first before margins, and our team is dedicated to delivering a little bit of sunshine in every bottle. Our products are packed with goodness and our people packed with kindness and gratitude.

Brand story

It all started back in 2010 when TanOrganic founder Noelle O' Connor first appeared on Dragon's Den. As a former beauty therapist, Noelle understood the importance of caring for you skin.

Noelle owned and successfully managed multiple medi spas for years, where she looked at people’s skin all day, every day. She could see first-hand the damage that nasty chemicals and ingredients in beauty products can have on your skin.

Noelle became determined to create a natural & organic self-tan that would be as kind to your skin as it is to the planet. Driven by the belief that if you care about what you eat, you should care about what you put on your skin, she created a line of eco-friendly, nourishing self-tan and skincare products.

The Kind Brand Company

Our Mission

At The Kind Brand Company, we make ethical products for all of TanKind through innovation and integrity. We strive for first-class quality for all of our brands and we are grateful for our past and continued success. Our mission is to make a real impact by spreading kindness and giving back to the planet with every product we make.

As pioneers in beauty, we recognise the magnitude of the industry’s plastic problem, this is why we will remove 1lb of plastic from the earths oceans for every bottle we sell. As a business with sustainability at its core, The Kind Brand Co. will continue to fight for healthy, nourished skin and a happy planet. People and the planet will continue to come before profit, and our team is dedicated to delivering a little bit of sunshine in every bottle every step of the way.

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